Welcome To The White Suite

 The White Suite is built as an old stone cottage with elements of wood. The suite is designed in hues of off white that endow an atmosphere of light and exclusivity. The suite is designed as an open space of about 40 m2 excluding the large balcony. In it, like the whole site, art can be seen in every corner. When you come to the
entrance to the stone cottage, you see colorful mosaics in the floor pattern, an iron door, designed as a musical instrument, and a huge Mezuzah made of ceramics and melted glass.

The White Suite

Inside the suite, there is a beautiful kitchenette made by craftsmen, a soft sitting corner that is built in the niche of a big French window, overlooking the green space outside, and a beautiful white king-size bed with a King-Koil mattress and velvety sateen linen. On the southern wall of the room there is an LCD television set, which is adjustable to the bed or to the couch, and connected to a DVD set, to YES network system, and has a high-quality surround system and a wide variety of movies for your enjoyment. There are also audio discs in a variety of musical styles, and books and magazines for reading or perusal. The windows of the rooms are big, bringing in a lot of light, and overlooking the green view outside. A designed glass door leads to a romantic balcony, with a deck floor, furnished with suntan beds, a big jacuzzi and an open shower. On the northern side of the balcony you may see the Mitzpe Hayamim Mountain, and to the south there is an olive trees orchard and a pine trees forest. The designed lighting elements and an old chandelier create a special atmosphere. At the entrance to the shower, you will see two ceramic handmade washbasins. The shower consists of two big shower heads, opposing one another with a mat glass window that brings in the soft wind in the summer. A stock of towels, dressing gowns and spa slippers complete the picture. There is an endless list of delicatessen and drinks to make your stay enjoyable, like a choice of teas, an espresso machine with a variety of coffee flavors, chocolates, high-quality cookies, wine, cold beers, fruits of the season, milk puddings, three kinds of cereals, milk, and more and more. A rich breakfast is served either in the room or in a café, and it includes omelets with green leaves, salads, home-made pastries, olives, several kinds of butter, excellent kinds of cheese and home-made jams, desserts, natural juices, and more. Outside the suite there is a small garden with tea and spice herbs for your disposal and enjoyment: hyssop (Zaatar), oregano, shiba, lemon verbena, lemon grass, and many others. The White Suite was designed to provide another kind of experience; it is surprising, relaxing and satisfactory.


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