Israel Bed and Breakfast Amirim – Spa

And right now, as you have found a place to relax and time to indulge yourself, you are invited to choose how to complete the picture:

A Swedish Massage – gentle and pampering, works on the soft tissues of the body, relaxes and helps in abating mental stress. Deep Tissues Massage – a strong, invigorating and relaxing treatment. Recommended for sportsmen and people with a big mass of muscles. Shiatsu – A traditional massage without oil. It is characterized by pressings along the energy channels according to the principles of the Chinese medicine. It releases blocks and balances the body. Reflexology – A perfect treatment for the feet, through which one can cure the whole body. It helps in getting an energetic revival and grounding the body. Limbs Massage – A special treatment for the scalp, neck, hands and feet. It brings about an emotional balance and inspires a feeling of relaxation and floating. Combination Massage – A holistic treatment, which includes all the above-mentioned kinds of massage, according to the request of the patient and by listening to the body’s needs. In addition, you can integrate other techniques from the French, Thai, and Lumi Lumi (Hawaii) massages. Spa Prices A treatment of 60 minutes – NIS 220 A pair treatment – NIS 420A treatment of 90 minutes – NIS 280 A pair treatment – NIS 550 (for an ideal and efficient experience of the massage it is recommended to choose a treatment of 90 minutes). The treatments are given with loving hands by an experienced and authorized massage therapist, while using aromatherapy hot oils.


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